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Anahi Molina is a writer, editor, and educator based in Kinłani / Flagstaff, Arizona. She is currently studying to earn her MFA at Northern Arizona University. Her published work discusses topics ranging from her upbringing in a large Mexican-Paraguayan family, to the significance of naming, to the dire question of ethical consumption in the Anthropocene.

Her undergraduate thesis, Picture of Myself in a Convex Mirror, melded these themes to create a memoir-style booklet of essays. Topics included the origin of and complex relationship with her name, a close-reading of the packaging of an  “ethical” granola bar, and a personal narrative about her difficult reckoning with whiteness. Some of these pieces went on to be published in The Millions, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. See a list of publications here. Anahi’s work uses personal narrative to illuminate and explore the endless question of how to live on a dying planet—as a Latina, as an artist, and ultimately as a human person.

Her post-graduate work has focused equally on education and freelance editorial work. As with her writing, her editorial work (and her pedagogy) is informed by her cultural background. She is committed to incorporating cultural sensitivity into every part of the editorial process, from the first developmental edit down to line and copy edits. Her editing experience spans a range of nonfiction works, from personal narratives to critical theory deep-dives.