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I am a writer, editor, and educator based in Austin, Texas. I’m also UT Press’s 2023-24 Publishing Fellow. I earned my MFA in creative writing from Northern Arizona University in 2023.

I’m the copyeditor and indexer for Object Lessons, a book series published by Bloomsbury. I’ve taught creative nonfiction and composition classes at the college level and my work has appeared in GuernicaThe Rumpus, The Millions, the New Orleans Review, and elsewhere. I’ve organized in community spaces, including the University Union of Northern Arizona. Coverage about my work with the union can be found here and here.

My editorial philosophy is informed by radical pedagogies related to writer autonomy and freedom, as well as community-based practices; I aim to incorporate cultural sensitivity into every part of the editorial process. My editorial work spans a range of texts, including long-form works of philosophy, personal narrative nonfiction, and critical theoretical texts. In my spare time I write about culture, labor, and identity.

(me having fun)